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Over-eating happens to us all and, in my opinion, life is too short to be ‘good’ all the time. Indulging is to be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle and here is how I do it.


My golden rule: Enjoy food and drink but make sure your weight never exceeds 4-5 pounds of your usual (ideal) weight. If you gain more then 5 pounds, achieving your target weight will take a lot longer, even with exercise.


Be careful when indulging but enjoy it when you do. It works for me and I believe it’s the perfect balance for long term health and fitness benefits. Put simply; If I’m on my target weight, I relax and enjoy food but if I’m a little over I will be good and follow my healthy eating program; or if I have let have myself go I will follow the program for longer.


Important Tip: In order to succeed you have to be realistic and honest about your ideal weight. Most of us have one and most of us still want to be lighter; that will probably not change no matter what weight you are. Go about feeling good in your clothes and body and remember that a little extra weight is sometimes needed to look healthy.


Remember I’m not a dietitian and this is not a strict diet, just simply what I eat whilst training and on my good days (I have plenty of bad ones too!).


Design your own program - it’s an eye opener - or try my routine and let me know how you get on. Combine it with plenty of exercise for even greater and faster results.


You need to adjust quantities depending on your activity level, weight loss and your size. If you have any questions just ask me in class or contact me.

Healthy Eating

I would like to share my healthy eating plan with you as feeling good in your body is not just down to the amount of exercise we do. The food we put into our body really makes a difference and I feel so much better when I am ‘good’.

1x330ml Natural Full fat live Yoghurt

with fresh fruit smoothie

Manuka Honey to sweeten if need be

(Take it easy with the with the sugary fruits)

1 Boiled Egg with a small 250ml smoothie

2 scrambled eggs with a slice of ham

Special K with a little full fat milk

Yoghurt with handful of Jordans super fruity Granola and fresh strawberries

My Dutch Favourite:

1 slice of gluten free or whole grain bread with a little a slice of Gouda cheese and a boiled egg on top

Natasja's Healthy Eating Plan

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250ml green juice & 250 ml pineapple with mint and Aloe Vera juice

250 ml green juice with 1 handful of unsalted cashew nuts

Fresh Vegetable or tomato soup

1 slice of Rye Bread with slice of Gouda Cheese or Cream Cheese

250 ml other veg juice

250 ml veg juice & 2 boiled eggs (white only)

250 ml veg juice & 1 chicken breast

250 ml veg juice with half cup of rice with kidney beans

Fresh Soup 

250 ml veg juice & Slice of Maltloaf

Couple of Rye Crackers with Peanut Butter


250 ml veg juice with 1 handful of unsalted cashew nuts

250 ml Cashew Protein smoothie

A Boiled egg

A small bowl of special K with full fat milk

Breakfast Choices

Lunch Choices

Dinner Choices

Snack Choices

Snack Choices

Snack Choices

Drinks (throughout the day)

Nettle Tea, Water, Pukka Detox and Cleanse Teas or any other herbal tea. No caffeine

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Natasja's Juicing