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After the summer holidays last year, I worriedly (I like my food) accepted the challenge of doing a 3-day detox. As usual, the extra food consumed during the holidays together with less training left me feeling bloated and 4 kilos heavier then usual. It certainly helped with my decision to take the challenge.


I completed the 3 days and, truthfully, the first day was horrid. I am certainly not keen on vegetables and really struggled drinking the ‘sweet sexy green’ juice, as it was described. Surprisingly, I was never hungry and after the first day I already felt amazing, my skin looked radiant, my body less bloated and I had lots of energy.


The main benefits for me were: 

Not bloated

It stopped any cravings for starchy, fatty and sugary foods

Proved to me again we do not need as much food as we think we do

Amazing skin

Lost 5 pounds



Headache and tired the first day

Wishing I could feel like the 3rd day every day without denying myself food & drink that doesn't agree with me


Natasja's Juicing

I have always said I do not believe in diets, so therefore seeing me drink my vegetable juices seems somewhat contradictory. But here is how I started, how it works for me and why I have included juices in my lifestyle.

A detox cleanses your system and is something you do once in a while and only for a few days. It resets you back to zero, reducing your cravings for sugary, salty and fatty foods, and therefore a great way to kick start a healthy eating lifestyle that will include foods and treats from all food groups in moderation. 


The 3-day detox inspired me to buy my own juicer and create tasty juices as part of my healthy balanced lifestyle.


I'd like to share my juice creations with you and if you made a tasty juice please let us know!


Click image below for my Healthy Juices recipes.



Detox versus Diet

Feeling fit is as much about what you eat as how much exercise you do.


Click image below to discover my lifestyle and menu tips for a healthy mind and body.

Healthy eating

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