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Nordic Walking  

What is Nordic Walking?


Nordic Walking has grown into a popular way for people of all fitness levels to gain fitness, tone up, lose weight and improve their health.


Unlike when trekking or rambling, Nordic Walking poles are planted behind you in order to propel you along. This engages the upper body and makes you feel lighter on your feet, which has four major advantages:


• You use 90% of your major muscles so your upper body gets toned as well as your legs and backside!

• You can burn 20–40% extra calories by using the poles - this can really help with weight loss

• It takes the pressure off your knees and joints and is great for back and neck problems

• You can get the most out of even a fairly short walk!


However, in order to gain the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking it is essential that you learn the correct technique, so come along and join us in one of our Nordic Walking classes where your fitness and technique will improve from the very first class.


A little bit of history


Nordic Walking was developed in the 1960s as a summer training method for very fit competitive cross country skiers in Finland, who started to use poles in their training when there was no snow.


They soon realised the technique was a perfect training aid that kept their heart and lungs in top condition, and ensured upper and lower body muscles remained in top shape off season.


Nordic Walking quickly became a popular fitness method for the general public too, and has a great following across Scandinavia, mainland Europe, North America and as far away as in Japan! It is fast gaining popularity in the UK and London too.


Other great benefits from Nordic Walking 


It combines exercise with the outdoors, which has been proven to boost mood and relieve stress.


No need to wear special exercise clothing, only good comfortable footwear required, poles are provided.


It is very sociable; participants can chat as they go (maybe not up hill).


It helps and can greatly improve many medical conditions, but please consult your doctor before attending any fitness class.



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What to wear


You don’t need specialist footwear and clothing for Nordic Walking. There is some great kit out there that will keep you comfortable and dry without breaking the bank.


We recommend you dress for the weather. Layered clothing ( e.g. base-layer, mid-layer, soft-shell, outer waterproof shell) will allow you to adjust to the weather without restricting movement. Breathable fabrics are great and an outer waterproof shell is a must, unless you are a fine weather walker. Not forgetting, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, gloves and buffs for your added comfort. Poles are provided.


We recommend a shoe rather than a boot for Nordic Walking to allow foot movement and to prevent the ankle from being restricted. A waterproof shoe/trainer would be better for keeping your feet dry and warm especially on days when the ground is damp with dew or waterlogged.




Nordic Walking with your dog


Don’t let walking your beloved dog get between you and the healthy benefits and enjoyment of Nordic Walking.


During our Dog Friendly walks, they are welcome to come along, but remember your dog needs to be under effective control and remains your responsibility.

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